I have always enjoyed reading books. As a little kid, I enjoyed picture books before I learned to read sentences. I remember reading the Little Golden Books about kitties and puppies. I occasionally glance at those Little Golden Books at the bookstore and I cannot believe how many books there are now on the shelves. They have created so many great stories with animals, Sesame Street, Disney characters, and so many more.

I was a huge fan of the Babysitters Club books. I honestly do not remember much about the storyline in that book series except that the main character created a small business around babysitting jobs for herself and friends. I did babysitting for others but I did not create a business out of it. I just enjoyed making a few bucks of my own to buy whatever I wanted. Also, babysitting was the main source of income for me until I was old enough to work a traditional job.

I moved into reading mystery books by Mary Higgins Clark, Dean Koontz, and other authors. I would browse the local library mystery sections and pick out what looked good based mainly on the book cover or the short description inside the cover or on the back of the book. While browsing at the library, it led to a volunteer position at the local library for a summer.

I believe I was just entering high school that summer. The local library was still using the card catalog and I helped enter books into the computer system. They were upgrading to an electronic card catalog once all books were entered into the system. It was quite a big deal when libraries converted to checking out a book via computer versus the paper checkout card. Now I cannot imagine checking out a book any other way!

I still enjoy mystery books and other fiction books, however, I mainly read and listen to non-fiction books. Yes, I listen to books. I resisted moving to audiobooks, as I love holding a book and reading the words. However, in adulthood, I do not always find the time or take the time to pick up a book and read. I spend time commuting in the car and decided instead of listening to basic radio, I would try audio books. Listening to non-fiction has worked best for me and fiction books I would read rather than listen to it.

What are your first reading experiences? Do you have a favorite genre? Tell me about one of your experiences at the library.