Writing has been a life long ‘tug’ that’s been internally at my heart and thoughts. I loved to read as a a child, a teenager and now into adulthood. Reading has stemmed into “why not me?”. I enjoy reading, why not try writing. Then came the age of the internet and it makes it easier to write with all the great tools available and the platforms to share with others.

So I go back to why should I write and what should I write about? I am a natural introvert and I believe writing is a comfortable way to communicate. I enjoy conversing with others, however, writing allows me to put down my thoughts in a more constructive manner. It allows me to put the thoughts that fill my head and overload my brain down on paper. I can review the thoughts, edit them, act on them and share with others who may have related thoughts.

I have a story to tell. Each and everyone of us has a story. We are all living life in the best way we know how to live it. My story may help someone who just needs to know they are not alone. I am happiest when I am helping others.

I will be sharing my thoughts in a few areas including but not exclusive of, health & wellness, my skin condition ichthyosis, my love of cats, life hacks and my love of learning. As you read, leave a comment, share my writings, or send me a private message letting me know your thoughts.